CEBIA Work Hours

All Member households are required to provide 10 hours of service per household. Any family member 12 and over can provide work hours. Below are some jobs we need done.

Please contact us for more information.

At the Main Beach…

Lawn Mowing
Mow and weed whip main beach area, weed whip fence line (internal and external fence line)
4 work hrs

Picnic Table Repair
Repair damaged and warped boards on the picnic table tops and benches. Drill holes for umbrellas
Actual Time work hours

Painting and water sealing
Fences and picnic tables have been power washed. We need help painting and sealing them.
Actual Time for work hrs

Monitor Endless Summer Fridays
Be the Responsible moderator of festivities
2.5 Work hrs

Please contact the Beach Manager for more information

or click here to sign up for work hours.

At the Pointe…

Please contact the Pointe Manager for more information.


At the Clubhouse…

Wall Repair and Painting
Patch holes, sand  it smooth, prime and paint
Actual Time Work hrs

Please contact the Clubhouse Manager for more information.


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