Club House Update

Last week a team of Board Members, and a member volunteer worked to spruce up the Club House for the rental season. The following projects were successfully completed:
  1. Re-work of the sump pump plumbing and sensors to more effectively remove water
    1. This change proved itself in the “monsoon” rain we have had over the past few days.
    2. We will continue to monitor and make further improvements should flooding re-occur.
  1. Cleaning of the basement Floor
  2. Re-painting of the basement walls
  3. Vacuuming and cleaning of the upstairs.
There is one ongoing project to rid the clubhouse attic of a family of raccoons who decided to make the club house their new home. So far 5 babies and 1 adult have been relocated professionally.
We are planning a rejuvenation project for the clubhouse, pending fund availability later this year. If you have questions or input to the project, please contact myself or Brian Bennett.