Seawall (Point) Update

As of last week, CEBIA received the approval from the DEQ for our seawall. American Marine together with Jeff Loria acted quickly to get the West Bloomfield Township permit paperwork submitted prior to the deadline last week. Our Project will be discussed at the township’s next permit meeting based on information provided by American Marine.
American Marine has already committed that our project would become the “first in line” for installation following the West Bloomfield Permit approval.
Assessment funds have been collect from all but a few members. The CEBIA board wants to thank the membership for continuing to support this project both financially and in spirit.
To date we have collected all but $1664.01 of the total funds necessary to pay American Marine in total. (50% due at project start, and the reminder due at project completion)
It is important to note that although we are so close to reaching the goal, the amount raised for the project is only so close due to donations from a number of members.
Actual count of members who have not yet paid the assessment or made arrangements with the executive board is 15 member families. Thus, if all members as of 2014 were to pay in full, we would have a surplus (due to donations) of ~$2200!!
The board will attempt to contact those who have not paid again, as the funds are required in the very near future. If anyone would like to volunteer to help collect the past due funds please contact myself or Barb.
All we ask is that each family communicate to us their plan (payments, payment in full, no payment). 
We know that some of these members will not pay, and will leave the organization. Their decision hurts the organization and their own families together. We want to encourage every member family to help us reach our goal, and in doing so help to improve the CEBIA organization and property together.
Contact me (Jared Hartz) with any questions.