Seawall Vote

Due to the importance of the Seawall vote pending at the upcoming membership meeting, the board reviewed the constitution and found the only guidelines regarding voting in Article V Section A, Part 3 and 4. Although these are specifically listed for Elections, we want to give all interested members the opportunity to place their vote. We certainly prefer participation and voting in person. However to include all member households, written votes submitted to either myself or John Wisniewski by April 23rd will be accepted as absentee voting. (Same vote limits per household apply as described in Article III, Section A, Part 1, i.e. 1 per adult, max 2)

Should you be unable to attend the meeting with reasonable cause, please let me know, and then submit your written vote by April 23rd as follows:

E-mail absentee votes to me at this address.

Snail Mail absentee votes to John at the following address:
3940 Wolcott Terrace West Bloomfield MI 48323